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Russian Spanking in The Bath House

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Dislikealso 6 years ago
The guys should go through facial recognition and be arrested for abuse.
Dislike 6 years ago
This is cruel. Their skin is cut and has fucking blood. Whoever likes and made this i hope they suffer.
sgc 4 years ago
it was a good spanking but it didn't have to be that hard. you cruel ass mother fucker.
3 years ago
it is merciless
Omg 6 years ago
I feel sorry for the girl
Wtf 3 years ago
This is not lesbian game
2 years ago
Spank em good
Colin 6 months ago
Some of these Russian girls have the most beautiful bodies & many of them accept caning as part of everyday life from schooldays on. A recent girlfriend of mine couldn't enjoy sex unless I caned her first! Good thing was that it suited her needs & it got me a solid erection. Best of both worlds. We had some massive cummings!
spankingdad 4 months ago
Blondie looks quite stunning with that silvery earrings dangling from her beautifully-shaped ear.
Fyck 4 years ago
You guys suck dicks thats way bitches if iwas there i wont let you i will beat your ass bitch i am telling you arrested gay