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the godfather

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assworshiper 6 years ago
The third girl has a thick, full ass that is very shapely. I would love to lick and to kiss it! I also would invite her to sit on my face facing south, so I really could enjoy that sexy rear end!
Loved it 6 years ago
This is proper spanking l like that all the girls are wearing white knee socks and are punished in front of each other I like seeing they're little pussys go into spasms near the end of they're spanking what do you think?
Pablo 7 years ago
Scared girl 1 year ago
I like the idea of someone really caning me hard, but it scares me too
9 months ago
Where can I find a paddle like that? I've looked all over online
Brighton Mich 9 months ago
Would love to find someone willing to bust my ass until I can't sit down!
9 months ago
I wish I could mark like that. No matter how hard or long I'm paddled I never bruise
9 months ago
I would love to feel paddle on my bare ass!
Jim 4 years ago
Would have been nice to see the 4th girl get it
Mmmmm 9 years ago
Beautiful asses.