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Tania 8 months ago
I just have one question: What is wrong with Asians?
What's the point of making a porn if you're gonna sensor the genitals?
The noise they make, the super-creepy men, etc.

There's a reason whole world sees them as weird.
Uhhh 8 months ago
Is she crying
8 months ago
I want to be your house help ️️
Murica 7 months ago
Yeah. This ain’t it.
3 months ago
Why does it always seem like the women in Japanese porn hate having sex
Mg Ko 10 months ago
God damn 7 months ago
She is lucky
leo 7 months ago
so sweet
Donato mexa 7 months ago
Jayd 4 months ago
I feel bad for her that man should. Go to jail